The phone is ringing. “Will you just answer that?”

A small task needs attending to, “Will you just put the rubbish out?”

A million times I have been asked a similar thing and the word ‘just’ never makes the job smaller or more appealing.

Why is the ‘just’ added then?

Maybe the person that is asking is one of those long suffering people who do everything and it is their way of enticing people to help them, to make the job seem smaller in a vain hope. Maybe it is because they know how much the person they are asking does already and the ‘just’ indicates the job isn’t so big and won’t increase their tiredness too much. Maybe ‘just’ is added for all those micro jobs that don’t really require too much time or energy…probably as much as it takes to ask the question!

I am always quite up front with my children. I am in no ways lavish but I’m not a complete miser either. I am proactive in asking them about their finances and budgeting. I know what it is like to live on the very edge and I never want them to go through the anxiety or worry of that very lonely place of not having enough money. They have a Dad that loves them, loves them enough to bail them out of tight spots, is generous enough to release money to lift their spirits. I hope I have instilled the confidence, that they can come and talk about these issues and never be in lack.

I have also stood back in order for them to work hard in financing those projects they have a desire for whether it be an object or travel. It is a fine line to balance as too much reliance on the bank of Mum and Dad doesnt allow for a growing of their independence. Of course I would love it if money was no object and they could have all that they want but I don’t feel that would be the most helpful and loving thing.

Let’s fast forward this to what I really want to talk about…the way we come to God. Prayer and asking our Creator to intervene.

“Please God just…”

Is what you’re asking really small? Do we reckon God is too busy with so much else that it might be too small? Are we approaching Him with the correct view of what He is like? Is the ‘just’ word in the Oliver spirit of, ‘Please Sir Can I have some more?’, not really expecting we will get what we have asked for.

Words are very important. An added word can tell us lots about how we view things, how we view ourselves, how we approach things. ‘Just’ is a word that lacks confidence in the outcome. By adding it and ‘littling’ what we are asking for, are we really aware or do we intimately know God’s character, his heart for us, his love for us.

Maybe ‘just’ is our get out clause if it is not answered.

The child that knows their Father has the confidence to ask openly. Whether the answer is yes or no, nothing changes the fact of his love. The same with God.

We need to remind ourselves who we are… made in the image of God, called to be children of God, clothed in his victory, life and power due to accepting what Jesus has done. What comes first… character or sonship?

In our minds eye we have a tendency of replaying our negative attributes rather than accepting the truth. A requirement to feel better than we are before we can properly approach Him for anything.

He sees us as if we are His sons. We are kings and priests before our God… Is it time we believed that, came to Him as if we believed that, lived as if we believed that? We have the riches of heaven at our finger tips…I am not waiting till I am good enough to use them…cos that would be never! And in that place of complete grace and mercy I can offer up my life…not empty but full of the gifts he has placed within me to use.

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