It is always good to look back. Not in a moribund morose mortifying sort of way. Not raking over the coals of past catastrophes in life. Not trying to relive past mistakes as if we can correct them, like watching the same feature film and hoping for a different outcome.

No. Looking back you see along the path you have trod and nod with awe at how far you have come. Spying those sloughs of human misery from afar and recognising you are through them and out the other side. Identifying your achievements and exalting in them again.

I read back through the first of my blogs the other day to identify whether I had made any progress. I was shocked. Back in 2013 I set my face to see my books published and I started marching with this aim and promptly stopped. In the first year I wrote a couple of blogs, got bogged down editing a long story and gave up.

The next blog was two years later! And the same  pattern occurred. One post and stop.

It then came to 2016. I had renewed the domain name and I felt this was the last year…it was make or break. You hit that wall sometimes where you throw every effort into making something happen in order to shift yourself out of the years of inertia. You try to get that massive boulder moving and hope gravity might help. What started then was a transformation to the point I began blogging regularly, started emptying my notebooks and began writing new stuff.

What had happened?

My son started his gaming blog! Hampton Court 2015 and 2016. Being operated upon and having to stop for six weeks. Joining a writer’s group. And many other occurrences and relationships, conversations and generally life shifting to the next stage.

Since 2016 I’ve written 44 blogs, a series of holiday posts about Elba on fb, a two month series of blogs on the 2016 Wormhole garden fb page, edited my main long story twice, had two things published in a local magazine.

What happened?

I began to take my desire to write seriously and I began to write regularly. As I posted these pieces up I felt I was developing my voice. I was owning up to who I was. I was emerging from out of my notebooks. I was creating space to think as I jettisoned some of the ideas down on to paper.

The blog posts vary from short stories, to parts of longer stories, to poetry of a sort, to autobiographical pieces, geographical pieces, musings and observations. A complete hotchpotch collection. They are out there and people have read them…not many but it is happening.

I don’t actually care how many reads they get it is the fact that I can move on and allow inspiration to take me to other places.

I used to look back and the way markers were sparse, the pathway somewhat bleak. The way was littered with achievements, stuff that I had done but there was no passion in that spartan landscape. The last few years I am observing a different land. I have walked up into mountains and I am keeping with the real hikers.

Who are they then?

Those that know where they want to go and are striding with purpose, without shame, with no apologies about who they are. For that is living free.

I stand at the beginning of another year in readiness to publish my first book, my next mountain of achievement, the unedited start of which is on the website on The Journey page. That’s five years on from that first blog post and that tentative expression of hope that sometime it might happen.

Those with a vision make things happen. Risk is at their fingertips and excitement and joy is a byproduct. Wherever you meet these phenomena get on board and be inspired by what is possible as people break free from the shackles of the limitations they have shrouded their lives in, allowed others to shroud their lives in.


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2 Responses to Risky business

  1. John Butlin says:

    Amen to that. Life is spelt R….I…S…K and I truly believe there is no real life outside of risk. For us as a family we sat perched on the edge of our aeroplane for 4 years, the plane circled graciously for us and we very nearly just gave up and enjoyed the view, but then one day I went to my boss and handed in my notice, took the kids out of school and all four of us, jumped into free fall over a strange foreign country, not knowing where (or even if) we would land. The fall was stomach turning but glorious. Freedom, from work, school, normality, convention. We met so many in the plane who told us not to jump and had so many reasons why we should stay, we smiled and waved.
    Read my wife’s first blog about our broken parachute as we departured to Mozambique four years ago

  2. Wow…just wow! It looks like a real transformation has taken place, and the ‘shackles of limitation’ are shaken off at last! Now, what remains is the joy of hard work, the joy of creation. You will bear much fruit in 2018 — let the joy flow!

    Looking forward to more!

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