Attending a writing group filled me with trepidation as on this occasion I was taking some of my own writing. I had tried attending one before but it was too daunting, something akin to undressing in front of someone for the first time. When you share what goes on in your head out loud it has to be with someone who knows you. To troop off and share it with a room of complete strangers you are performing a very dangerous act. You risk exposure. You risk ridicule and public criticism. You even fear that what comes out could be construed as a bit twisted and you be judged as that sort of person. The mind conjures and distorts making an event that is there to encourage into something the complete opposite.

The reality of my attendance at this most local of writing groups has been to stimulate and spur me to try new things. Rather than being trapped by one particular style or genre, it has widened my horizons and I have entered a period where I am sharing my writing regularly and with confidence.

The last two meetings we have had a warm up writing task – ten minutes to get your ideas down as quick as possible. Obviously this is a very short time to latch onto an idea, write it and be happy enough with the end result to share it. Having finished both times with a frown I launch into the delivery and recognise a pattern in my hurried efforts, the conclusion ends with a Twist. And so I end this with the same apology I gave the writing group – sorry I’ve done it again… here is one of the short short stories.


The First Time…

“There’s a first time for ‘Everything,’ ” the man proclaimed at the top of his lungs. A steady stream of excited people queued and whispered amongst each other eagerly. He wasn’t there for them but he certainly added to the carnival atmosphere. No, he was there to entice those further back, the doubters, the unconvinced, those unsettled and worried, maybe even those that had heard stories and rumours about the place.

“Come all who desire the thrills of ‘Everything’!”

The queue pushed forward hardly able to contain their frenzy. Most had made up their minds exactly what ‘first time’ they were lining up for but some he could tell were undecided.

“Better hurry up and make your choice. Interesting things happen to those of double mindedness!”
Nearer the front of the line stood the doorways. Beyond at a typical theme park stood the acres of thrilling adventure. ‘Everything’ was different! The facade was just as exciting as all the other places that sold adrenaline rides but then there were the doors. Enter those doors and you could meet anyone, experience anything, have your wildest desires met – anything you had set your mind upon.

“Yes sir this is ‘Everything’. Your first time?”

Everyone shouted, “YES.”

“There’s a first time for ‘Everything’! ” he cried. ‘And the last time you’ll be fooled,’ he thought to himself smiling his shark-toothed grin.

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