Lighting the touchpaper? This is when our interactions with others create such a creative rush that we are overwhelmed with the explosions in our head. We know when we’ve met someone who sets fire to our fuse in a good way for there is a rush of excitement at the potential that resides in such a relationship. It’s more obvious when you share a passion, where there is mutual encouragement, where the iron in their soul rubs with the iron in yours for sparks to fly. These are rare friends indeed but they are worth more than gold and precious pearls for what they release in your life is belief, a setting the standard far higher, it’s looking to the sky and dreaming.

I can fly!

I have this dream. It doesn’t happen very often but when I do it’s one I cling to and try to explore and exalt in because it involves flying. Flying with no equipment or any contraption…just me. At first I have to overcome my fears all over again and I begin by floating but because this dream is now firmly fixed I remember I can do this and I begin to soar. The sensation is very real so yes I can fly.

Whenever we are with people that fuel that inner belief, not just in our abilities but in the expression of our whole selves with these abilities, we taste what it is like to fly. From each meeting there comes a rush of intent, there comes a warmth of growing expectation, there is a baring of soul. In that bareness we look to set each other free, we look to encourage, give courage, we boost, embolden, inspire, strengthen, enliven, we applaud, excite, energise, exhilarate, rouse and stir… Yes this is just a list of synonyms but you get the point!

People of this calibre don’t cross my path very often! In all other cases I’m a slow fuse. I take my time pondering over many, many things. Something I am deliberating over at the moment is how we interact through social media especially when posts are there to provoke a reaction. How to respond? Or maybe not to respond? What is the motive to post it? What is really happening in people’s lives for certain posts to be flung out? On a site for friendship why are some people militant, political, aggressive in their outspoken view?

These touchpapers inspire ideas but dampen the spirit. Elements of these realities will be born into my stories as a result. It is a fact of history that man cannot live in harmony, peace, love,  for that which is in his heart is most often not harmonious, peaceful or loving. You only have to drive a mile in a car to witness this. But I am always encouraged to look on what is good, what is honourable, what is just, lovely, or of excellence. Again, you only have to drive a mile in a car to witness this!! And to look for those things in everyone. And when I come across things where I cannot effect a change I will continue in this mindset, for by focusing in this way we bring out these things in others.


And when we are dampened we need to run to those that will galvanise us to think better of ourselves, take the logbook of history and not dwell on man’s inhumanity to man, look to those ones that chose to make a difference for good. For the annals of every nation are full of people who had the courage to stand up and treat others with love, compassion, dignity, in the face of hostility, hate, mistrust. I know the passions I want to serve because those are the ones that still recognise fault but will apply mercy, for I know within humanity there is an incredible potential for the wonderful, the selfless, the redemption that can come to a human heart even in their worst state. Even for those that cast the accusatory finger.

He who is without fault cast the first stone!



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