I live in a place of dimensions, layers of different realities. There’s the back from work existence where my home is my sanctuary and the neighbourhood just a collection of grey scenery that provides the backdrop for the colour and vitality of my home. The warmth within juxtaposed with the bleak. The love and kindness cacooned from the shouting madness. The sense of belonging I find inside as I escape that lonely hostility without.
Then there’s the points of connection that speak of a different place; one where all the islands of humanity lower their drawbridge to find warmth, not just in our own bubble. To discover anew we are not alone.
Then there’s the walk out into the wide world, where fatigue is sloughed off, an unwanted garment, and we walk the beach, the field, and tread in the neighbourhood. We take time to breathe, taste the salt whipped up from the waves and rest in the rawness of beauty.

Doesn’t everything come in a box. A container to hold, to stop leakage, to advertise, to make it look bigger, better, holding all the extra bits that go with it. A box has a multitude of functions but principally to contain, to hold back, to keep things safe around from what’s inside? And no matter how it advertises or makes it sound more than it really is, nothing takes away the fact that the item can only fulfil its usefulness, its potential…out of the box…

So get out of the box!

The horizon

The horizon of my dreams
A line U reachable
My hand can trace its contours
My eyes see the sun drenching that distant reality
A land of limitless creativity
Where there is time and space to marvel
That which is a dream come into physical being
It is out there

Then walk
Walk towards that which is in your heart to do.
To see these mountains.
To see distant shores.
To attain to the full measure
Of that which has been placed in me
To achieve
To reach that limit
And see new horizons birthed
As that first horizon becomes where you reside.

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2 Responses to Different dimensions

  1. John says:

    Love it Andy. Stimulating stuff. I didn’t realise you could feel that same sweet breathful intake just by reading a piece of pros, but I do. Please keep writing! (by the way the font is much better too; glad you worked out how to change it!)

  2. Amazing piece – you know, the ‘box’ bit really spoke to me, I had to hear that…the rest is great too, of course – as the reader that commented above said, it simply makes you feel the atmosphere, takes you there. And yes, the font is better too! Waiting for the book now!

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