Hi I’m Andy and this page is all about ME. I would rather write about anybody else but my website designer refused and forced me to write this.

My life professions (jobs) have a theme of tens except the first five years. I spent ten years as a school child, then ten years as a student, then ten years as a teacher, then ten years as a landscape gardener – although at none of these points did I feel professional. Sometimes you do a job and just about manage to cope with the demands. It’s not that I don’t do things well it’s just a matter of having a consistent level of confidence in your ability.

I am currently at the beginning of the next block of ten years which is exciting and scary. Based on my experience of the last forty years little prepares you for what is to come – a bit like a roller coaster – you buckle in and grip the sides and off you go! The only thing that I’ve begun to do in these circumstances is to relax a little and enjoy the ride.

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The Dimension Series

PageLines- stockvault-time-stands-still1030391.jpg Emily has an Uncle who threatens the whole thread of history as he begins to fold time. This series of books unravels the events based around his dangerous fascination with science beyond reality and the actions of many others in their attempt to reverse the consequences. Time to buckle your seat belt!
PageLines- businessman-field.jpg Michael finds himself on a journey in a dangerous unknown land where many seek his soul’s domination. He finds the questions he asks in the real world lead him perilously close to death too. The two journeys are a combined reflection as he tries to grasp what is happening to him.

Other Stories

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Court in a Dream

  A custody battle and worry causes a boy to dream of the day to come. What ensues is a battle for the boy not just in court but on the high seas.